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New Trucks That Run on Propane Fuel Produced in USA

| August 11, 2015


Greenkraft Inc. (OTCQB: GKIT) a California-based manufacturer of alternative fuel trucks and alternative fuel systems announced that it now manufactures trucks that are designed to run on propane fuel LPG.

Greenkraft uses its patent pending propane technology and produces these trucks in Santa Ana, California.

The applications for these trucks are numerous, including such industries as delivery, construction, electrical and plumbing contractors, lunch truck businesses, landscape, and rentals.

The propane truck can be ordered with 43 GGE (Gas Gallon Equivalent) or 86 GGE which would provide a range of approximately 400 to 800 miles.

The vehicles are available in classes from 14,500 LBS to 19,500 LBS GVWR, and Greenkraft is also working on higher GVWR classes of 26,000 LBS and 33,000 LBS.

The advantages of the propane fuel is that it provides fuel savings as compared to gasoline or diesel. In some states the difference is more than 50%.


Category: Fuel and Oil, LNG

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