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BYD and Alberta Canada Partner on Zero-Emissions Technology

| September 5, 2016


BYD, a large producer of battery-electric buses, has announced a new partnership with the Canadian province of Alberta to develop what it calls “smarter, safer transit buses.

“Alberta is making strides in clean technology development and is looking to be a leader in smart infrastructure and electric transportation systems. BYD is excited to leverage the province’s machine learning, advanced sensors and software development expertise to build even smarter and safer zero-emission buses,” said BYD Heavy Industries Vice President Ted Dowling. “Not only has BYD delivered more than 10,000 buses worldwide that have more than 250 million kilometers of in revenue service, but in head-to-head trials against diesel buses, our battery-electric buses have proven their reliability in even the coldest climates. BYD is proud of our record as a global leader in all-electric buses, and this partnership will support both smarter transit technology and high-tech skill creation for a greener future.”

BYD brings to the partnership the world’s first long-range battery-electric bus, a 40-foot transit bus that was released in 2011. BYD’s full lineup includes seven electric bus models ranging from a 23-foot coach to a 60-foot articulated transit bus.

According to BYD, the company has  “battery-electric buses running on six continents that have together saved customers tens of millions of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs.”  BYD’s secret sauce is its proprietary Iron-Phosphate (or “Fe”) Battery, which is engineered to be  safe and long lasting.

Further, BYD also offers a full 12-year battery warranty, the longest electric battery warranty available in the industry.


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