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Price Might Not be Right for a Very Used Tesla

| December 26, 2017


We understand that the Tesla is supposed to retain its value, but check this out.

An Amsterdam company that has been operating a Tesla taxi fleet and was an early adopter of electric vehicles is now about to sell of dozens of used Tesla vehicles; but to some, the price seems steep.

Tesla’s vehicles have become popular as taxis across Scandinavia because of the low-cost of operation and Tesla’s 8 year or unlimited miles Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty.

With these incentives in mind, Taxi Electric in the Netherlands have been operating the largest Tesla taxi fleet in the world since 2014.

As their Tesla Fleet continues to age, the company has opted to start selling dozens of 2014 Tesla Model S with high mileage.

Although the Tesla has been reported to retains its value better than most vehicles, the used Tesla vehicles are still pricey – especially for high millage automobiles used as taxis for over three years.

If you’ve got the cash, these rolling Christmas presents could be all yours:

  • 136k-142k miles: $53,000 USD
  • 142k-149k miles: $51,800 USD
  • 149k-155k miles: $50,600 USD
  • 155k-162k miles: $49,500 USD
  • 162k-168k miles: $48,300 USD
  • 168k-174k miles: $47,000 USD
  • 174 miles and higher: $46,000 USD


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