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Affordable Electric Bikes Gain Momentum

| April 12, 2015
Peter Jubell, Business Director of Bat-Bike in Jacksonville, FL

Peter Jubell, Business Director of Bat-Bike in Jacksonville, FL

For daily commuters, weekend fun rides and even pizza delivery options, a new breed of electric bike is starting to roll at a price point that is far below that of some of the big brand name entrants.

Meet Bat-Bike, which manufactures electric bicycles with an electric motor assist featured so that the bicycle can be pedaled traditionally or operated by a powerful electric motor fueled by an environmentally friendly lithium battery.

And get this, it can reach speeds up to 20mph with a range of 50+ miles. Applications include leisure, sports, transportation and professional.



What’s more, Bat-Bike electric bicycle products are highly innovative and all key components are manufactured to certified ISO 9000 quality standards.

The company notes that its “products combine the best of all worlds, incorporating European engineering and design, Asian manufacturing capabilities and cost advantages, and American marketing/distribution skills and customer service dedication.”

Bat-Bikes are are backed up 100% by a one year full factory warranty on parts and dedicated support service.


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