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Why Driverless Cars will Boost Use of Mass Transit

| January 3, 2017

So much has been written about driverless cars but another key area that shows tremendous potential for autonomous vehicle is mass transit.

Consider buses:  They typically drive on an established route with pre-scheduled stops.  Perfect. And, autonomous buses are certain to operate less expensively without the cost of the driver.  Not great for employment possibilities but terrific for cost-conscious municipalities.

Or, ponder the famous “last mile” conundrum.  Driver-less cars, which can be programmed to meet buses and trains on a set schedule can easily solve the “last mile” problem.  What that approach does is reduce the hurdles to getting people to commute.  It virtually eliminates the need to drive to the station and  find a parking spot to catch a train (or bus).  Simply hop in the drive-less car at the station and it whisks you home. No tip necessary.

Taken in its entirety, some experts believe that driver-less technology could be the greatest boon to mass transit since the advent of the subway.  In any event, it’s definitely on a roll.


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