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EV Safe Charge Launches Mobile Charging Solution

| February 27, 2018

EV Safe Charge

EV Safe Charge announced the launch of EV Charge Mobile — what the company claims as “the first-ever comprehensive solution for portable Level 2 and DC fast EV-charging.”  The technology can bring most vehicles to 80% capacity within 20-30 minutes.

Here’s what cool: This adaptable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) system will provide event organizers, and any site in need of temporary EV charging, a charging option for any make of electric vehicle (EV), such as Audi, BMW, Chevy, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Jaguar, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, VW and Tesla, and can be additive to existing inadequate charging infrastructure or be totally self-contained.

“National event planners came to us looking for a portable charging option for EV launch events and for drivers attending their EV-related events where they may be concerned about having enough charge to get home,” explained EV Safe Charge Founder & CEO, Caradoc Ehrenhalt.

“At the same time, these environmentally conscious businesses wanted to show support for EV owners and be able to charge a large number of EVs rapidly. We designed EV Charge Mobile to be a safe and simple solution ideal for event organizers, sites and EV owners.”

EV Charge Mobile is now available nationwide to those seeking both networked and non-networked EVSE and can be customized to satisfy specific event or other temporary needs. Businesses considering a permanent EV charger installation or waiting for infrastructure to be built can have the benefit of EV charging immediately.

Depending upon on-site capabilities, chargers will be powered either through existing power at the location, solar panels, or self-contained generating systems. In the event fossil-fueled generators are required, EV Safe Charge will offset the carbon footprint by planting trees, a commitment vital to the company’s vision of a greener future.

Jeff Allen, Executive Director of Forth, a leading electric and smart mobility advocacy organization, said, “The EV world is growing at an ever-increasing pace, and permanent charging infrastructure is not currently keeping up with vehicle charging demand.”

“Like our EV Safe Charge installations in homes and businesses, EV Charge Mobile is a comprehensive solution,” continued Ehrenhalt. “We manage everything including charger delivery, setup and pickup, operation, and any required permitting and insurance. We handle all the details needed to have a flawless mobile EV charging experience,” he concluded.


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